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Interview With Cover Model Jordan Tesfay, 5/01/2010
by Maddy Jones

Maddy: You've been a model for a number of years, how did you get started?


Jordan: I entered a contest with Mode Magazine and Wilhelmina Models. I submitted some snapshots a friend took of me at school. There were 25 000 thousand submissions and they selected 30 people to fly to New York and meet the panel of judges.

I was both nervous and excited when we flew to New York. I was living in Edmonton, Alberta at the time and it was my first time in New York City. After meeting the judges and spending several days in New York they selected 5 finalists and offered us contracts with Wilhelmina. I have been modeling ever since.


Maddy: We know modeling can take you to numerous places around the globe. What have been some of the most exciting places for you and why?


Jordan: I love shooting in the United States. I think because I grew up abroad and in Canada, traveling the U.S has this nostalgic quality for me. Especially when shooting in cities down south like New Orleans. There is a southern hospitality, coupled with southern charm; and good southern cooking. I am a foodie so my travels always involve discovering a new place to eat. I remember going to Charleston for a shoot and having afternoon tea at an old historic hotel with my friend Valerie. They served these little sandwiches with the crust cut off and a tray of pretty desserts.


Maddy: You are the first plus size model to work for Cover Girl Cosmetics. Can you tell us a little about the experience of working with this cosmetics giant and Queen Latifah?


Jordan: Humbling. I feel so fortunate to have worked with Covergirl and Queen Latifah. It was an opportunity for me that went way beyond any expectations I had when I began modeling and I will always feel honored that they selected me to work with them.


Maddy: You have also been in a few movies, are you still pursuing your acting career?


Jordan: I have agents on both coasts that I work with and have been taking acting classes for the last few years. When I lived in Canada I also attended a performing arts school. Acting has been something I have been involved in from an early age and I think it is something that will always be a part of me.




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