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Interview With PLUS Model Magazine Cover Model Mandy Muenzer, 2/01/2010
by Suzette Banzo

Leveling playing fields requires more than just throwing in a plus sized reality dating show on a broadcast station during primetime hours. Real acceptance and understanding requires honest communication and a willingness to let go of preconceived stereotypes. Mandy Menzer entered American households via a show called More to Love in which she vied for the affections of a plus sized man along with other curvy ladies. Luckily, we get an opportunity to see just how much more there is to love about this beautiful, open, intelligent, compassionate, artistic young woman. From battling a serious eating disorder to trying to make the world a better place through her humanitarian work, Mandy is proof that real understanding and beauty transcends labels and empowers others.


Suzette: How did you hear about Love Your Body Day and the PLUS Model Magazine contest?


Mandy: One of the other women from More to Love told me about it.  I thought it sounded like a wonderful event!  I knew I would have the opportunity to meet other empowering women who are doing great things to promote healthy body image. The discussion forum on the last day was inspiring. When I came across the table dedicated to the modeling contest I thought, "WHY NOT! You never know!"


Suzette: What appealed to you to be cast on More to Love? Are you a fan of The Bachelor series on TV? 


Mandy:  No, I don't watch The Bachelor, but I have caught bits and pieces of a few episodes here and there. I'm an actor and the producers found me on LA Casting. FOX pitched the show to me over the phone, they said, "This show will be exactly like the Bachelor but we are trying to cast more average sized women to promote more positive body image in the media." The idea of promoting positive body image is what caught my attention.


Suzette: Did you feel that is what the show accomplished?


Mandy:  No, not really. I feel they perpetuated most of the stereotypes by showing so many clips of women crying about their weight and did not focus on all of the empowering things that many of the women said in their testimonials. The women were courageous, good-hearted and were very encouraging to each other while in the house. This was especially true when we were filmed in our bathing suits but instead they focused on the insecurities some of the girls had. I'm a fan of displaying authenticity, but the way it was edited and the choices they made about themes and assuming that most of us hadn't been treated right because of our weight just sent the message to America to continue being insecure about dating if you are overweight.


Suzette: Did you feel good about the way Luke treated you and the other ladies?


Mandy: Well, Luke is a good person, but for most of the show, I felt like he was just saying the right things. I know that the producers coached him to give us many compliments, but it came to the point where I felt like the show was taking pity on us, babying us.  I'm all for compliments and encouragement and I commend Luke for treating each of us well, but when you tell more than a few of the ladies "You have all the qualities I want in a wife" it starts to feel a little disingenuous. It was a confusing time; I didn't know what to believe.  I kept giving the process and Luke the benefit of the doubt.  I figure it was better to trust than to leave wondering if I gave enough of myself to the process.


Suzette:   That response leads me to believe you were looking for love, not just looking for exposure.


Mandy: Well, to be honest, I really doubted I would find love. If I wasn't an actor/model and someone trying to promote healthy body image I would have never agreed to go on the show. The possibility of finding love on a reality show seemed unrealistic to me. How could you possibly agree to go on a show and really think you will fall in love or even like the person at all when you don't even know whom the bachelor is? Love wasn't the number one reason I went on the show, definitely not. Nevertheless, I was open to the possibility.



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