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Meet Our Sexy PLUS Cover Model Victoria Castillo, 2/01/2008
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[Maddy] What steps did you take when you were just beginning?

[Victoria] As it turns out, getting representation actually meant I had skipped a few steps. I didn't know at the time that I was one of the lucky ones that didn't have to spend months or years trying to get agency representation. The first job I ever booked was for an online promo and didn't know what the heck I was doing! But that job helped me pay for my first test with a fantastic LA photographer and I made my first zed card.

[Maddy] Do you feel like there is adequate representation for Latinas in the modeling industry?

[Victoria] In straight size modeling, perhaps. There are gorgeous Brazilian and Hispanic   models all over the place. In plus size modeling, not so much. There are definitely not enough of us represented by agencies and getting legitimate work. A lot of clients are using Caucasian brunettes as their "Latinas", so the demand for Latina models is not incredibly high. I've seen ads that are intended for the Hispanic market that feature models whom I know for a fact are not Latin, not even close! But this business is about having a versatile look and that's what gets you the jobs, not necessarily your ethnic background, so unless more clients are specifically demanding Latin models, work will continue to be scarce for many Latinas.

[Maddy] Do you feel like you are passed over for jobs because you do not look "ethnic" enough?  

[Victoria] It's always a gamble with me. I often get jobs which originally were not supposed to go to an ethnic model, but the client likes my look and books me anyway. Sometimes they don't know the difference. But there are times when I don't book the job because I'm not "dark enough". It's quite interesting, this "ethnicity" thing I have going on. I have had clients ask me what my ethnicity is, and when I respond that I'm Mexican, they say "Yeah, yeah, but what else?" (Laughs). People always expect me to say that I'm some kind of mix, or Italian or Persian or even Native American. But I'm very proud to say that I am just a Mexicana.

[Maddy] You were asked to be the cover model for the sexiest issue PLUS Model Magazine has ever had. How do you maintain a positive body image?

[Victoria] Thanks Maddy! It's definitely not easy! Modeling is modeling, no matter how you put it. Straight size or plus size, this business is full of insecure people and it's hard not to fall into that. There have been times when I've done shows with straight size models that are like, "Oh my God, I am so fat!" and you can't help but think, "Geesh, you are a size 2! What must you think of ME?!" But then you remember that THAT is why you are there! You are the person that defies society's standard of "beautiful" and you just have to love yourself. I didn't love myself for a long time. I struggled with weight my whole life and always thought I had been struck with the "ugly wand". Now, I stay positive about my body by accepting the things that I can't change and working on the things that I can, like working out, eating right, taking care of my skin, hair, teeth, etc. You just have to work with what you've got.

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Photographer: Stanley Debas
MU: Lavette Slater




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