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Kimberly Locke Dishes On Life After "Idol" And Her New Single "Strobelight", 4/01/2010

Maddy: You embrace a healthy lifestyle, is this why you decided to go on Celebrity Fit Club?

Kimberly: When I was first approached about Celebrity Fit Club, I needed some time to think about it because by going on that show, I wanted to make sure I was not sending my fans the wrong message. I wanted to make sure I was doing it for the right reasons. Again, this was a gift. It was back to back gifts. Embracing myself was one, and now that you are in love with yourself let's take it a little bit further and take control of your health. It was more about health for me because I had conversations about my mom's health and I was concerned about her. I said t myself "what better way than to set an example?".  Right after the show I signed a deal with Jenny Craig.

Maddy: I have to admit that Harvey has been really hard on confident people that come on Celebrity Fit Club. Most of us see him as a curvy hater but long and behold he was not one after all.  (we both laugh) How was it that you and Harvey ended up together?

Kimberly: Harvey and I are no longer dating but when we were dating he embraced me. He never once said anything about my weight, he loved me for who I am. That said a lot about him as a man.

Maddy: How do you handle the pressure of being scrutinized in the media spotlight?

Kimberly: You have to put the pressure in it's place. If you don't it will over take you. I believe voluptuous women in this business have to be more grounded than any other man or woman. I believe that confidence is key and you should let it come from inside you like a ray of light. I don't care if you are 200 pounds and walk into a room, if you have confidence, people will wonder who you are and be drawn to you.

Maddy: Tell me about Making The Curve, the reality show we first heard about last November.

Kimberly: We are still pitching it and I actually have a few meetings coming up about this. Making The Curve is about putting a plus size singing group together. It's for women who are always singing back round vocals because they are not given the opportunity because of their size. The show will consist of the women being prepared to be on the road so they will have to work out but it won't be about losing weight. It will be about endurance and being able to entertain while on the road and during performances.

Maddy: Tell me about your new music and teaming up with Randy Jackson.

Kimberly: I signed a singles only deal with Randy Jackson so there will be no album. We live in a world where people go to itunes and download the songs they want. My first single is called "Strobelight" and it's a dance song. It's fun, its upbeat and I suspect we will all be working out to it at the gym and dancing to it at the clubs.  You can check out itunes on April 6th. I'm really looking forward to the rest of the year. This is going to be an awesome year for me.

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